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What is it - the best drama in Russia?

The best Russian dramas of the past decades are designed to make the empathy happen on the screen. I must say that they perfectly cope with this task. Of course, most will prefer to go to the cinema for a comedy, but a good drama will bring a lot of positive emotions. Besides, she will make you think.

Without exaggeration, we can say that our drama films are the best, if not all over the world, then in the post-Soviet space accurately. They are in demand and popular as well as comedies.


Perhaps the best drama of 2012 is "Duhless" - the long-awaited adaptation of the scandalous book of the same name by Sergei Minaev. In the center of the story is the story of the rise and fall of the top manager of a large corporation, a life-builder, Maxim's cynic and womanizer. His life goes in a circle: work - fashion clubs - new girls - work. It passes swiftly and thoughtlessly, while meeting Max with the new girl does not make him look at himself differently.

"Voroshilov Sharpshooter"

This is the best drama of the turn of the two thousand years. A pervasive story of desperation that the new Russia is now always right and above the law is the one with more power and more money. The story that the principle of equality is no more. The story is that if we have no one else to protect, we must do it ourselves. What a former soldier does when his only granddaughter is humiliated by a group of rich majors. Not having achieved justice from the law and seeing the inability of the district police to help punish the criminals, he takes the gun and does it himself.

"Burnt by the Sun"

This is the best drama, received worldwide recognition and the Oscars. All the action in the film takes one long hot day in 1937, when the former bridegroom of his daughter comes to the dacha to a distinguished military man, like Stalin himself. Everyone is happy with the unexpected meeting, conversations over tea and memories of the old life begin. Gradually, the owner of the dacha understands that the arrival of the guest has a definite purpose. And this is his arrest. A famous military man, a hero of the civil war, betrayed to the last Soviet power, can not believe that they can do this to him. He thinks all this is a stupid mistake and thinks that everything can be solved by one of his calls. So in the years of Stalinist repression, many thought that they are indispensable, that their services to the authorities and devotion to it will protect them from arrest.


And, finally, the best drama involving children is the scandalous film "Bastards". A cruel picture of brutal wartime. According to the plot, during the war with Nazi Germany from juvenile criminals sentenced for violating Soviet laws to be shot, they form an active sabotage group for casting to the enemy. Thus, the Soviet government allows criminals-suicide bombers to atone for their homeland. Who is that very bastard, in the course of the film it is up to the spectator to decide. Or are they juvenile criminals with childish habits, or is it a state that cold-bloodedly sends, albeit criminals, but still children, to death.

In a word, almost all Russian dramas are the best films of our film industry!

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