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What is a payment password in Yandex.Money? "Yandex.Money": restore the payment password

Thanks to the opportunity given to users to carry out transactions with money in virtual accounts, the electronic system "Yandex.Money" has become very popular on the Internet. When performing operations with the available amount, the site requests special numerical details. From this article, the reader will learn what a payment password is in Yandex.Money.

General concept

So, the user is interested in what a payment password is in Yandex.Money. It is a code intended for making transactions with electronic money. With his help, you can make any transactions with the amount on the account: make purchases in online stores, pay all kinds of services, transfer funds to other wallets, withdraw and cash capital. A set of symbols that the user himself comes up with protects the electronic bill from any extraneous encroachments. For example, someone used a computer to view the mail in a public place (university, cafe) and forgot to end the session. If there was no special code, outsiders could use the amount available on the account. But to enter the electronic wallet, you need to know the payment password "Yandex.Money". How to learn it and get hold of the funds without the owner's permission? It's just impossible.

The Essence

To complete the payment of the bill, the system must enter a payment password. If it is forgotten, it is necessary to enter the code word in the appropriate box. Password recovery is also carried out through the support service. The code number is required only when paying bills presented to the user, it is not required when viewing the list of operations.

Any transaction is confirmed by a special set of symbols, which is the payment password "Yandex.Money". How to learn this code illegally? It is transmitted through specially encrypted channels, so the possibility of theft is excluded, except for the case when the user activated the function "use the payment password as normal". After entering 5 incorrect codes, access to the electronic wallet is temporarily blocked. Even if the user forgets to close the browser, in a quarter of an hour access to information will be lost, and no one can dispose of funds on the account.


A special code for making money transactions was created simultaneously with the electronic system "Yandex.Money". It is not easy to restore a payment password if it is lost, so it is currently used less often. Increasingly, SMS payment confirmations and security codes are applied. For example, new electronic wallets can now be created only with the help of a valid mobile phone number. These measures were taken in connection with the improvement of the personal safety of users. Payment passwords could be easily stolen, like money from an account. With additional security measures, this is much more difficult.


How to choose the payment password "Yandex.Money"? The code symbols can be any. It is recommended to use at least 6 characters. A well-remembered payment password must be different from the usual code for entering the mail. Caution in this case will never be superfluous. It should be remembered that the system takes into account the case of letters. The user can change the invented data at any time, if it is easy for him to remember the Yandex.Money payment password, which is in effect before the replacement procedure starts. This action must necessarily be carried out if there is a suspicion that other persons have personal information.


If the user already knows what a payment password is in Yandex.Money, and does not want to face the problem of making payments, he must take appropriate measures.

First you need to attach a mobile phone. Next, you should write down the recovery code specified at registration, in such a place that it can then be easily found. Then you need to go to the "Security" section and follow the instructions to protect your wallet.

Precautionary measures

You should store the payment password in the same way as the PIN codes of any bank cards. It is worth remembering one important point: employees can request information about the numbers of payment accounts and receipts, but no one has the right to be interested in the payment password. Scammers have long learned to copy information from computers using virus programs. Therefore, you should not enter personal data from unprotected laptops or computers in public places.

Lost your password

Such situations give rise to panic. Do not worry, because knowing what a payment password is in "Yandex.Money" and how it works, it will not be difficult to restore the code. If the number has been attached to the electronic wallet, the task is much simpler. The user will receive a message with the payment number on the mobile phone. It should be noted one nuance. The information will be sent only to the Russian number. Otherwise, the service will not be available.

What should I do if the user forgot the Yandex.Money payment password?

First you need to go to the profile on the site. On the page where you usually confirm the payment, click on the link "remember the payment password". Before the user will be a window on which you want to activate the "get SMS" footer. The code will arrive within 24 hours.

After returning to the site, the user will find a letter requesting the removal of the previous payment code. And then everything is simple. Click on the link "Delete the old password" and enter the values specified in the SMS in the special column. Then you need to come up with new data and confirm the performed actions.

What if there is no old number?

In this case, you must try to restore the SIM card. To perform this task, you should contact the mobile operator's office located nearby. They will be able to restore access to the old number.

Other recovery options

Users often complain that the old number is hopelessly lost. How can I restore the Yandex.Money payment password without SMS? If the number has not been attached to the electronic wallet, the procedure begins with sending information to the mailbox specified during registration. The message received by the user contains a link to go to the main stage. First you need to enter a date of birth. Then you need to remember the recovery code. In total, 5 attempts are given. You should try to relax and remember the code. If the user entered the numbers correctly, the system will create a new password. But what to do when the code can not be picked up even with the fifth attempt? It is not necessary to panic, money can be received back and another, the truth, a hard way.

Identification with a mobile phone

If the password and recovery code are hopelessly forgotten, and the user still did not decide how to restore the Yandex.Money payment password without SMS and e-mail, he should apply on the site for a binding of a new number to an electronic wallet. The owner of the account will receive a message with the code number, the rest should be done as indicated in the two previous paragraphs.

How to withdraw money from Yandex-a wallet without a payment password?

If you can not remember the recovery code, you need to go with an application to any office in Moscow or St. Petersburg. The funds will be returned to the new electronic wallet only if the passport details were provided by their owner . Users who live outside the specified cities are required to send an application with a signature certified by a notary at the address: 119021, Moscow, PO Box 57, LLC "PS Yandeks.Dengi."

The procedure for recovery is complicated if the electronic wallet is owned by a minor. In this case, the presence of one of the parents and the child's birth certificate are necessary. Alternatively, you can send an application with the notarized written consent of the parents to use the system for minors. The child's birth certificate should be attached to the letter.

Enhanced Authorization

Constant code is the basic level of protection of electronic wallet, and, in theory, the user should not be. Now very few people complain that they forgot the payment password of "Yandex.Money". If a member of the system wants to secure his account in Yandex.Money, he can refuse to use the standard method of protection and switch to such advanced techniques as the use of one-time passwords. When making payments, connecting and disabling services, changing personal data, the user will need to enter a new unique character set each time. Such measures prevent the possibility of interception and theft of the password. Any meaningful actions with the account can be carried out in two ways. The user chooses himself how he will receive a set of symbols: he will get a code table (jpg-file or a plastic card) or use the service from the screen of an electronic token.

Switching from a payment password to one-time codes

Any of the above methods can be subsequently changed. Money for switching to one-time passwords is charged only once. Further, only using an electronic token is paid (when this type of key is selected).

You must activate the "Go to one-time passwords" link. The user should pay for the service, and then select the version of the key. You can choose between the codes in the form of a jpg file, a plastic card or an electronic token with a table. After that you need to follow the prompts of the system.

The table of codes in the form of a picture is available for free download on the official site of "Yandex". Plastic cards can be ordered in the city of Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg. Now electronic tokens can be used for free, but special invitations are required for this. Perhaps later the rules will be changed.

User to note

The use of one-time passwords is only possible when making payments using the Yandex.Money site. Other financial services (for example, "Yandex.Direct") will still require the user to have a regular payment password.

Transition to one-time codes - the service is irreversible. After its connection, it is not possible to return to using your own payment password.

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