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What does a pregnant cat dream about? How to decipher strange dreams?

Sometimes such images are visited by a person in the astral, which is difficult to understand. You start to search in books or a network, but nothing turns out. For example, what does a pregnant cat dream about? Agree, the picture is far from the standards of an ordinary person. And it's just not possible to interpret it. Interesting? Let's figure it out.

Thought one image, but it turned out two

The whole complexity of our task is that pregnancy and fluffy pet have absolutely opposite meanings for almost all dream decoders. The filthy essence in itself does not bode well. Many interpreters associate her appearance in dreams with present or future troubles. On the other hand, the offspring, in the opinion of the same authors, has a positive meaning. He foretells profit. So, try to figure out what the pregnant cat is dreaming about. Maybe the money you give the enemies? Or will you suffer losses, but get compensation? Approximately along this path we will go. This, in principle, is absolutely true. But to begin with, we will discuss one nuance that has the most important significance in our question.

It is impossible to understand what a pregnant cat dreams about, if one does not decide on its attitude towards the animal. For one person it is a symbol of a pleasant and affectionate friend, for another - thieves and a rogue. It's from this "stove" and it is suggested to skip to understand the essence of the dream. We divide our explanation into two parts. The first one for those who love cats.

Anxiety is not expected

These happy people fluffy beauty, waiting for the offspring, as the authoritative commentators say, comes to cheer. Ahead is not expected anything bad. Most likely, good news is waiting for them the other day, which the cat is trying to tell in a dream. What does vision mean when an animal is crouching and purring? Also do not worry. A certain person to whom you feel sympathy, passionately dreams of meeting. An exciting, pleasant event is foreseen. This dream should prepare you for an unusual and happy adventure. If you saw a cat in the distance, it lay in the grass or just flashed and disappeared, so good news will not come soon. Have enough patience and endurance. Everything has its time. However, this is not a cause for concern. Furry future mother in your case - a sign of good and prosperity. It is especially good when it appears in the dreams of lovers who are experiencing for the reciprocal feelings. It is a signal of reciprocity and quick happiness.

It's worth pondering

But to see in a dream a pregnant cat sick, oblezshey or dead - it's bad. Hopes for a favorable development of events are not destined to be fulfilled. This image should be taken as a warning. Something changed around, upset. After such a dream, one should be more attentive to events and people. When you think about what a pregnant cat dreams about, remember all the little things. After all, they can change the meaning of the vision.

If the animal has bitten you or scratched, then it is necessary to follow your words scrupulously. An awkward joke or an incorrect metaphor can be turned away from a very important person. This image speaks of the risk of error, the more offensive that you will make it by accident. Serious troubles threaten those who dreamed of a sick cat in a dream. What the ailment of a beloved friend means, apparently, everyone knows. Someone close, dear and important, will need urgent help. I'll have to try, despite the loss of power and time.

Those who do not like cats

To these poor devils, cunning animals "revenge" their visits. The image of a pregnant cat does not bode well for him. Most likely, such a person made a serious mistake, the animal suggests that the hour of reckoning is approaching. To survive it will be difficult, because the grief from failure will increase the feeling of complete loneliness. This means that there will not be a friend or companion nearby, ready to share the grief of defeat. A pregnant cat predicts gossip and condemning gossip behind your back. Even worse, if the animal is sick, lice or lichen. After such a dream it is necessary to stop all cases, not to make decisions. Wait for a while. Errors and losses may not be so terrible and painful. If a pregnant cat attacks, scratches, bites, then the dreamer does not envy. He is destined to survive a terrible blow, caused by the black betrayal of a close and trusted person.

Interpretation of dreams: cats

When you sort out such complex visions, be sure to listen to your own intuition. The fact is that even to terrible enemies of cats vision can promise good events. As a rule, this is already laid down in the dream itself. If it is bright and clear, in the morning a person feels rested and cheerful, then you should not clog your head with nonsense. Sleep does not carry negative information. Maybe a neighbor's cat will soon bring an offspring, and you will be offered to raise one of her cubs.

It's bad when the vision turned dark and "sticky", does not get out of the head. This should be decoded, recorded and followed by events. Dream prophetic. Do not dismiss it, trying to forget the unpleasant sensations. He did not just come.

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