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Vitamins with calcium for children: which of them is better?

All parents know that to grow their baby needs calcium. And indeed, he is a kind of "builder" of the human body. But in addition to growth, calcium is responsible for the activities of the heart, immune and hormonal systems, for blood clotting, for the assimilation of vitamins and trace elements. Of course, vitamins containing calcium for babies play a significant role in the years when their body grows and forms. So what should you choose vitamins with calcium for children? Let's try to figure this out.

A useful mineral

For all babies it is very important to get calcium in the early stages of its development in sufficient quantity. It is from its quantity in the body that the state of teeth, hair, nails and bone system depends. And you can not ignore the fact that this particular mineral is responsible for how the muscle system relaxes and contracts. Many biochemical processes occurring in the body can not do without calcium.

Experts are convinced that if the body lacks calcium, this can lead to the fact that many diseases can gradually develop. There are almost 150 of them! A lot, is not it?

And here at parents there are very many questions: whether it is necessary to add to a food of their chadushki any vitamin complexes? How much calcium is enough for a baby? How to understand that the child's body lack of calcium? What vitamins and calcium are needed for children ?

How to understand: is there enough calcium?

The rate of calcium for children per day depends on their age. Infants from birth to six months of age need 400 mg; Children from six months to a year - 600; Children from 1 to 10 years - already 800 mg; And from 10 years and more - 1000-1200 mg.

To understand if the baby has enough calcium, you just have to watch the baby for a few days. The lack of a mineral begins to manifest itself with the activity of the nervous system. Kids gradually become tearful and irritable, they have some weakness, they are too quickly tired. The skin begins to peel, small cracks appear in the corners of the mouth, tooth decay begins to appear, the nails and bones break.

Therefore, vitamins for children with calcium, phosphorus, iron will be a salvation in this situation.

The nervous system of the baby begins to react very sensitively at first, and then quickly signals about calcium deficiency first by numbness of the fingers, and later by cramps in the limbs. If the lack of a mineral is old, osteoporosis may develop, the baby's bones become fragile enough, heart failure may even start to develop, because calcium is responsible for contracting the heart.

Further, bleeding gums will increase, immunity will weaken, and vision will deteriorate. And all these terrible things can happen only due to the fact that the body lacks only one trace element.

Therefore, parents must also understand which Vitamins with calcium for children should be purchased by their babies.

To give or not to give?

Useful advice for parents. If they noticed at least a couple of the above list of signs of calcium deficiency, then urgently need to start as soon as possible to give the baby the necessary vitamin preparations. The only thing that can get out of the list is caries. Some experts believe that this is a contentious feature, because this pathology is present in most preschool children. Perhaps this is due both to the nutrition of the baby during this period of his life, and to his love for sweets.

And here vitamins for children with iron, calcium will be very opportunely. This is quite useful for the body tandem.

Yes, with the time the milk teeth fall out, everyone knows this. But they are the basis for the child's permanent teeth. It is very important that the baby's nutrition is varied, and that calcium must necessarily flow into his body. That's why you need to give babies vitamins with calcium for children.

What gives the body the baby the presence of calcium in it?

And the usefulness of this mineral for the health of babies can not be overlooked, because it is due to it that the permeability of blood vessels decreases, immunity rises, acid-base balance improves, hair and nails grow well.

But how to understand what are the best vitamins with calcium for children? This question worries parents very much.

The best tandem is calcium and D3

Probably everyone knows that calcium is best absorbed by the body in a company with vitamin D3. That's why most mothers try to choose drugs, where there are both. But even better will affect the health of the baby is multi-component complexes.

Here you can draw an analogue with ordinary food: if every day there is one and the same dish, then after a while it will just get bored, even if it is very tasty. The body can not absorb vitamins, which contain only a couple of components. It will be better if in the company with calcium there will be vitamins of group B, which can maintain the muscular system and silicon due to which the joints and ligaments will be strengthened. On this basis, it is better for mothers to choose those complex vitamins that contain several active components. They will strengthen the baby's teeth and its bone tissue.

Another useful "compass"

The organism of both a baby and an adult can absorb a maximum of a third of the calcium from the consumed foods - dairy, fish, and others. And here we must pay special attention to another useful tandem - calcium and magnesium. These minerals are closely interrelated. If the second component falls in the body, then the level of the first one also begins to fall, and vice versa occurs in exactly the same way. That is why it is better to take them comprehensively for maximum benefit. Therefore, vitamins with calcium and magnesium for children will be the most beneficial to their body.

Magnesium will be assimilated much easier and will provide invaluable help in maintaining calcium in all organs, and first of all in bones.

Calcium, in turn, will be much better absorbed by vitamin D, due to which calcium measurement in bones will intensify. Therefore, vitamin D and calcium for children are also very useful.

Good vitamins, including calcium for babies

For the smallest consumers of vitamins, special complexes have been developed. What kind of vitamins with calcium for children will come in handy? One of these can be called "Compliment Calcium D3." Thanks to him, the baby's organism receives in sufficient quantity both vitamin D3 and calcium. Thanks to vitamin D3, the mineral is digested most effectively. The drug is released in the form of a suspension, it is pleasant to taste, and there are no artificial colors and preservatives in it.

When the baby turns two years old, he can give "Multi-Tabs Baby Calcium +". It is known that not all children are favorable to dairy products, and thanks to this complex, they can receive an additional source of mineral substances and vitamins.

When the milk teeth change to permanent teeth, or when the children have a rehabilitation period after their infectious diseases, this complex will also be very helpful. It has many vitamins and minerals. Produced in the form of chewable tablets. Take one tablet a day with meals.

Most of all kids love "Fruit VitaMichek calcium +". In their composition, in addition to calcium and other substances, there is also vitamin D. They do not contain dyes. Fruit jelly is filled with natural juices.

Useful vitamins with calcium for school children and adolescents

The organism of older children also needs calcium, because it is constantly growing and developing. Many begin to play sports. In this life situation, the following drugs will come in handy: Alphabet schoolboy, Vitrum Junior, Vitergin, Metabalans 44, Biovital and many others.

Vitamin-mineral complex "Alphabet schoolboy" is recommended for children aged 7-14 years. They release it in the form of chewable tablets. Take three times a day with meals.

Polyvitamin complex "Biovital" is produced in the form of gel (for the smallest), dragees and elixir. Recommended for both children and teenagers and adults. Useful in the period of intensive growth of the child, with active mental and physical activity, in the post-stress period. In the form of a dragee, adolescents are prescribed one to two pieces three times a day. Elixir is taken by 20 ml three times a day - before meals or during eating. Gel recommend to schoolchildren and adolescents one teaspoon twice a day.

"Vitrum Junior" is prescribed for children from the age of six. It has enough vitamins and minerals, and there is calcium. Thanks to him, the child's full mental and physical development takes place. Up to 12 years - poltabletki, and after - for once a day after meals.

And finally ...

Today's pharmaceuticals have a very large assortment of drugs. And when you need to buy a vitamin complex for children or adolescents, the parents are a little lost, not understanding how to choose, because the assortment is diverse. Parents are obliged to responsibly choose for their children vitamin preparations, listening to the recommendations of doctors.

But they themselves have to think about what vitamins are best for their children. After all, there are synthetic drugs, which means that they have low digestibility, and some of the synthetic substances can be deposited in the baby's kidneys.

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