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Mysteries about cucumbers for children

Each parent knows very well about the importance of riddles for the early development of children. Tricky questions help to uncover fantasy and ingenuity.

In this article we suggest to consider riddles about cucumbers. About this green vegetable, which is familiar to every child from early childhood.

Mysteries about the cucumber with answers

The most interesting questions, which children like to answer, usually formulate in a poetic version. So let's look at the riddles about cucumbers, not only in the form of ordinary questions that may seem rather boring to someone, but also in the form of poems.

So, the first option:

"As to a garden under a leaf

The chump fell -

Green and remote,

A delicious little vegetable! "

This puzzle is suitable for children from three years old. Only, perhaps, the child will need to explain the meaning of the word "chump". But do not be afraid to fill up the vocabulary of kids. It is very useful.

Option two:

"They grow in the garden -

Dear children!

Green fellows,

And call them .... (cucumber). "

Accordingly, the last word-clue must say the child. Children usually adore such options, where, on the one hand, it's easy to guess, and on the other hand, to participate in the rhyme in a game form.

The third option:

"It lies between the beds.

He is green and sweet. "

Well, this mystery may not sound as interesting as the previous two, but you can also send it to the collection.

Mysteries about cucumbers at children's events

Parents tend to always somehow entertain the kids at children's events. For example, on my birthday. How to do it?

An excellent option - guessing puzzles. Usually, this causes rough fun for children. They are trying to guess the race ahead of the comrade. Show your wit and knowledge. And if at the time when you read riddles about cucumbers, the children on the table will lie this vegetable, then most likely, the kids will weave it with great pleasure.

Try to entertain children in this way. We are sure that they will like it!

Children's quizes

Riddles are very suitable for children's intellectual quizzes. And it does not matter where they are held - at home, in kindergarten or at school.

It is very important that the questions are interestingly designed.

This approach is very important in the development of the child's intelligence. It plays a big role in the formation of interest in learning. After all, it's much more fun to learn some subjects in the game form.

To find out what kinds of vegetables exist, children begin with an early, conscious age. Riddles make the learning process more effective and successful.

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