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Day of court bailiff in Russia

Useful and interesting information about one of the holidays of our country.

Day of the bailiff. History

The profession of a bailiff is considered to be both new and old. Today, only a few know the history of this truly complex specialty. It is important to note that the chronicles of this profession are rooted in the far 15th century, when the system of enforcement of legislative acts barely began to work. Thanks to the reform of Alexander II, it was decided to resume the institutions of bailiffs, who at that time existed almost in all European states. Our country should not lag behind (both in its development and in the working bodies).

However, in the 20th century this story is interrupted, as in 1917 the legislative institutions were dissolved.

Today, the bailiff's day is celebrated all over Russia.

Recall that the bailiff - a person who provides a challenge to the courts of all participants in the process and then performs subsequent decisions.

The situation after 1917 was quite complicated. The government of our country only on November 6, 1997 adopted another law that regulated legal relations in the enforcement of court decisions, as well as other (no less important) executive and legislative documents. Thanks to this law, an absolutely new structure was formed on the territory of our country, namely, the bailiff service. According to experts, this law significantly changed and even modified the system of enforcement proceedings on the territory of our country. Until the mid-nineties, all duties were assigned to police officers. However, the militiamen did not always "perfectly" cope with the additional obligations imposed on them. Consequently, specialists could not always boast of decent results in the work.

According to the decree of Dmitry Medvedev, for example, in our country was finally established a holiday of all professional workers in this field, namely - Day of the bailiff. Today, such a significant holiday is celebrated every year on November 1.

Let us recall that earlier the Day of the court bailiff was celebrated on November 6. This date was connected, rather, with the anniversary of the revival of the service itself, rather than with the time of its foundation.

Congratulations on the day of the bailiff every year sends to every locality the president of our country. He expresses his gratitude for the selfless and honest work of the workers of this system. The bailiffs who have distinguished themselves for the year are honored and awarded with orders for merits. But few people realize that with such work a person should possess not only excellent knowledge, but also courage. A large number of cases are known when bailiffs perished during execution.

In teams, employees also celebrate this holiday. Congratulations on the day of the bailiff can be found on the Internet, which is often done. But it's better, of course, to invent something of your own. Especially if this holiday is professional for a person close to you.

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