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Smartphone HTC Desire 526G: an overview and customer reviews

HTC is known as a supplier of communication devices, characterized by manufacturability, stability of operation, and also low cost. Among the most recognizable budget models produced by this brand is the smartphone HTC Desire 526G. This device has support for 2 SIM cards and basic communication standards, which makes it a universal and functional solution. What are its main competitive advantages? What do customers and experts say about their experience of using the phone's capabilities?


First, we will study the basic characteristics of the device. The phone in question has:

- communication modules functioning in the GSM, GPRS, EDGE, 3G standard;

- Bluetooth communication modules, Wi-Fi;

- a micro-USB connector for connecting other devices;

- Touch screen type TFT with a diagonal of 4.7 inches, and a resolution of 960 by 540 pixels;

- cameras - with a resolution of 2 MP (front), as well as 8 MP (main) with autofocus and flash;

- MediaTek MT6582 processor, operating at 1.3 GHz and having 4 cores;

- Built-in flash memory of 8 GB;

- 1 GB RAM modules;

- Support for additional memory cards in microSD format up to 32 GB;

- connector for audio devices 3.5 mm;

- Android operating system in version 4.4.2;

- GPS-navigator;

- Battery capacity of 2 thousand mAh;

- body with a height of 139.8 mm, a width of 69.8 mm, and also a thickness of 9.9 mm.

The phone supports 2 SIM cards. How do specialists and phone buyers evaluate these characteristics? Actually, as quite appropriate to the segment of budget smartphones running on Android. Specific estimates of the quality of the device will be given, obviously, based on personalized conditions for using it, but in general, its functionality and performance will be at the level of leading competing solutions.

Design and appearance

Let's study now how users and experts evaluate the appearance of the HTC Desire 526G. A review of the relevant points of view can be carried out by analyzing a rather wide range of opinions of the owners of this device presented on the thematic online portals.

As noted by users of the smartphone, the device has a stylish high-quality design, comparable to that that characterizes the products that are presented even in higher price segments. The phone comes in different colors on the market. Among the most popular modifications in which the smartphone HTC Desire 526G - White is presented. The review of the opinions presented on thematic portals allows you to observe the high appreciation of users regarding the balance of the colors of the case and the controls of the phone.

The phone case in various color versions is made with the use of bright and sufficiently contrast materials. The device HTC Desire 526G Black, whose review we present in our article, has a black body and thus has a more rigorous and conservative design.

Build quality

The quality of the phone's assembly is also highly estimated by users. The device has a removable back cover, which is attached to the main body by means of reliable clips. From the point of view of ergonomics, reviews about the HTC Desire 526G (review of opinions regarding this option allows us to talk about this) are also positive. The device, according to buyers, is convenient to hold in the hands due to the relatively small size and shape of the case.

Let's now look at how smartphone users evaluate its performance. It depends primarily on the characteristics of the processor installed in the smartphone.

Productivity of the device: processor

The speed of the phone, judging by the spectrum of opinions of buyers and experts, which can be found on thematic portals, on the whole corresponds to the indicators of competing solutions in its segment. Thus, running a demanding game with three-dimensional graphics on the phone can be problematic.

However, if we talk about applications installed on the device HTC Desire 526G, the review of which can be studied on a large number of specialized resources, many of the common solutions function very stably. This is largely explained by the fact that the phone is equipped with a sufficiently fast MTK MT 6582 processor, which has a clock speed of 1.3 GHz, and also uses the resources of the Mali-400 MP graphics module.

Due to the performance of the MT 6582 chip, the main elements of the smartphone operating system interface are stable, users do not notice any noticeable hang-ups or failures.

Device Performance: RAM

The device has a relatively modest amount of RAM - 1 GB. However, to run the main applications of this resource is quite enough. Even some games are fully loaded with the appropriate amount of RAM, as well as the performance of the processor and the graphics module.


The display of the device HTC Desire 526G (the review of its capabilities is also often found on topical resources, and it allows you to evaluate the opinions of experts on this hardware component of the phone) has a diagonal of 4.7 inches and a resolution that is 540 by 960 pixels. This indicator is not quite outstanding, and this causes the appearance of noticeable difficulties when reading text in small print on the screen of the device.

But from the viewpoint of color reproduction, the work of the display is estimated by users and experts quite high. Notable distortions of colors when viewing the screen from different angles are not observed. The display is sufficiently bright. You can activate the content view mode with minimal backlight. This option can be claimed by users who like to read texts at night, and the quality of the image remains high.

Video and sound

Playing video and sound on the device HTC Desire 526G Dual SIM (the review of this function of the device can also have a meaning for the user) can be carried out in a variety of formats. The smartphone provides high quality playback of multimedia files with sufficient volume. Provided, of course, that the original quality of the content is also at a sufficient level.

If necessary, you can correct the audio playback by means of an equalizer. In general, the quality of the sound played on the HTC Desire 526G phone - an overview of the opinions of users and experts can testify to this - is at the level of the leading models of the segment.


The phone is equipped with 2 cameras: front, having a resolution of 2 MP, and the main one, with an indicator of 8 MP. The second one has an LED flash.

The quality of images created with the help of cameras, again, is generally at the level of the leading decisions of the segment. The quality of the images in macro mode is well appreciated by users and experts. Stable operation of specialized applications for working with the camera is noted. If necessary, using the appropriate interface, you can adjust the exposure, as well as the white balance. Also, it is possible to set the optimal ISO parameters in case the automatic adjustment module of the corresponding indicators provides not the highest quality of the survey.

Panorama shooting

The camera of the smartphone HTC Desire 526G Dual SIM - an overview of the opinions of customers can testify to this, - perfectly copes with panoramic shooting. According to experts, this may be due to the high quality of software algorithms that combine images in the appropriate shooting mode. Using the camera of the phone in question, you can create panoramas with an overview of 360 degrees. Such opportunities are not always typical for smartphones of the corresponding segment. Thus, in terms of this function, the smartphone is among the most competitive solutions.

Create videos

Using the camera phone HTC Desire 526G Dual SIM (review, reviews regarding the phone confirm this), you can create high-quality video in the format FullHD. But the most optimal format, according to many users, will still be HD, because, on the one hand, in practice, the quality of multimedia files will not visually differ significantly, on the other hand it will save disk space. Recording of videos is carried out in the popular 3GP format.

As noted by users, the smartphone provides a very good quality of audio video clips. Among the most notable features that the phone has in the part of creating video is the application of electronic stabilization, the function of Time Lapse. Thus, from the point of view of creating multimedia content, the phone in question is among the leaders in its segment in terms of a combination of manufacturability and productivity.


We will study what users say about the autonomous operation of the device. In general, the corresponding indicator is assessed well. The battery of the device is enough for about 3.5 hours of viewing multimedia content on the screen and about 22 hours of using the applications. If you use a smartphone to play sound, then the battery life is enough for about 10 hours. These figures roughly correspond to the battery capacity, which is 2 thousand mAh.

Of course, these figures may vary depending on the individual features of using the device HTC Desire 526G Dual. The device capabilities overview, performed by one expert, can show results different from those received by another.

operating system

The device is controlled by the Android operating system in version 4.4.2. In this case, the OS operates on a proprietary shell from the manufacturer. The phone has a full set of applications, quite a large number of services from Google.

By default, the pre-installed software takes about 3 GB of those that have a built-in memory card HTC Desire 526G DS - 8 GB. Review and installation of games from Google Play and other application stores the user, of course, can also implement. If necessary, you can connect an additional memory card in micro-SD format up to 32 GB.


The phone supports 2 SIM cards, which can function in networks of both the second and third generations. As users note, the functionality of both SIM cards is in perfect order. True, their simultaneous use for negotiation is impossible, you need to choose either 1 or 2 to make a call. However, this feature is characterized not only smartphone HTC Desire 526G - an overview of the capabilities of other solutions of the corresponding type may indicate that this feature of the operation of 2 SIM-cards is typical for many devices. Even for those that are more expensive price segments.

The phone supports Wi-Fi connections. It keeps the signal, as experts say, confidently, even if the wireless router is at a considerable distance from the device. GPS-module also works without complaints. The accuracy of the positioning of the smartphone on the map is estimated by users highly.


What conclusions can we make by examining the possibilities of such a device as the HTC Desire 526G DS? The review of the opinions about this device allows describing it as a technological and functional solution, like many other products from the HTC brand. The device's strengths are a bright screen, high-quality design, stability of the main modules, high quality of communication - including through Wi-Fi networks.

Multimedia capabilities of the phone - at the level of the leading models of the segment. The device pre-installed a large number of useful applications, effectively interacting with the proprietary software shell. External programs are also installed in the phone very quickly and work stably.

The performance of the device is also not inferior to the main competing solutions due to the fact that the device is equipped with a processor with 4 cores, operating at a rather high frequency. The amount of RAM available in the phone is enough to run in the phone common applications and many modern games.

The phone is equipped with a rather productive battery, which provides decent performance for offline device operation.

Users appreciate the quality of the device's camera. Created by HTC Desire 526G video (review of the opinions of users and experts on this option allows you to draw similar conclusions) is characterized by high enough clarity, accompanied by high-quality sound. From the point of view of the possibilities of panoramic shooting, the device can be attributed to the most competitive solutions in the segment.

The phone is on the market in several colors. The design of the device users refer to its strengths. The same can be said about the quality of the device assembly.

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