Jeans gray: what to wear and interesting solutions

For a long time, jeans have held the leading position in the fashion world. Since their invention, many years have passed, but still they are one of the favorite things of women of fashion. For the history they have changed a lot of styles, and designers do not cease to offer new color solutions. In place of the classic blue came gently blue, light blue, gray and black.

Of these, the most universal option is gray jeans, because it is neutral, suitable for any style of clothing, and that the most interesting thing is absolutely for everyone. Especially good are these jeans for everyday wear, and in the fall just a win-win option. But here the question arises: what to wear gray jeans for women, so that the bow was not too dreary and ordinary?

Selection of the right shade

To the gray color, in fact, there are many solutions, but there is one nuance, you need to determine their hue. So, with light pants will be much better to combine more gentle colors, low-key, for example, gentle-lilac, beige, azure.

And with dark gray it is much more interesting to look more vivid and rich shades: fuchsia, burgundy, orange.

True, there are several colors that look less advantageous with this color, such as sand, rich blue and brown.

As for prints and patterns, then you can give free rein to fantasy. It's not at all difficult to solve the problem: jeans are gray with what to wear. You can not be afraid to experiment, this thing is perfectly combined with absolutely everything.


With what to wear gray jeans? As with any other clothing, the rest of the details are important for creating the perfect image, which are chosen for the style of jeans.

Narrowed jeans are ideal for emphasizing the beauty and harmony of the legs, tunics, long T-shirts, T-shirts, shirts look good. As for shoes, then there is also the freedom of choice, absolutely any starting from sneakers to classic boat shoes. It is better for a small girl to choose her heels.

Jeans flare more interesting look with monophonic and fitted shirts or blouses. Of shoes are good for ballet shoes, also appropriate shoes on a small heel.

Straight jeans will fit well with shirts and jackets, the look will be interesting and will not go beyond office ethics.

Official version

Jeans gray with what to wear? In the right combination, they are perfect as an option for the office, provided that there will be a classic cut. You can combine them with blouses, jackets, turtlenecks or jackets of calm pastel tones, and in order to generally not look too fresh, you can bring a couple of interesting details. For example, bright bracelets, a scarf, a bag or shoes, the shoes of a colorful color look great. Thus, you can look and interesting, and relevant. Gray jeans with what to wear? Photos of several interesting options you can see in this article.


Very advantageous gray jeans look with the color of fuchsia, for example, they can be combined with a cardigan or a jacket of this color. Shoes for this image is better to choose neutral colors, ballet shoes or shoes are good. It is not bad to add a detail, for example, a beautiful hair clip or a brooch.


A leather jacket is a black leather jacket or a striped top and gray jeans. A laconic and at the same time an interesting option, which will always remain in fashion.

And what is most interesting, the mood of the image can be changed solely thanks to shoes. Shoes with heels will perfectly match this image and make it softer and feminine. But the boots without a heel and with lacing look more boldly.

Leopard print

Gray jeans - this is one of the few things that is good in combination with leopard print. This color smoothes out so bright coloring. Jeans gray with what to wear? In this case, you can only allow one piece, in addition to which everything else will be neutral and muted colors. Because otherwise the image will look tasteless. But what is this thing for is not very important, a jacket or one small detail, for example, a belt. Everything depends on the taste preferences and relevance of the onion.


Jeans gray with what to wear yet? This color is incredibly interesting in combination with green, especially with emerald. Scientists have proved that this combination of colors has a beneficial effect on the human psyche. Therefore, gray jeans will be different in combination with an emerald blouse, which can be complemented with ballets and accessories of the same color.

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