How to get a loan for the execution of a state contract?

Many enterprises to participate in a high level of profit are involved in tenders. To date, almost every company can receive state contracts. Only the customer should have confidence that the winning company will cooperate with him, and also all works will be completed on time and qualitatively. Often additional costs are required, and then it is necessary to take out a loan for the execution of a state contract.

Working conditions

That the customer and the company cooperated, it is necessary to fulfill the following conditions:

  • Guarantee of signing the document: for this purpose the enterprise provides a bank guarantee or take a tender loan;
  • Return of the advance if the obligations are not fulfilled;
  • The company must have the right amount of money to implement the necessary plans.

Features of the contract

A loan for the execution of a public contract is a type of loan issued to legal entities by a bank. The need for it arises from the winning of the competition. The money received is required for:

  • Fulfillment of the order;
  • Payment of salaries;
  • Payment for services;
  • Purchase of machinery, tools.

In comparison with a normal loan, a loan for executing a public contract is formalized quickly. A short period is considered and the application. The decision time can be extended, but this happens rarely.

Opportunities with credit

A loan for the execution of a state contract opens several possibilities:

  • Work on several projects;
  • Do not use working capital, but send them to improve the company's activities;
  • Domestic assets replenish artificially;
  • Increase the competitiveness of the company through the implementation of government orders.

Terms of credit granting

Money can be given in the form of a classic loan with interest or as a credit line. Those wishing to open a settlement account, as well as provide a document on the organization of the tender, where the applicant is designated the winner. In order to obtain a loan for the execution of a state contract in a bank, several conditions must be met:

  • Work of the enterprise for more than a year;
  • No debts from suppliers and banks;
  • Positive reputation;
  • Experience in fulfilling at least 1 state order.

It is often required to provide a deposit. It can be securities, real estate, raw materials, materials. It is also important to have at least 2 guarantors who can be business owners, heirs or co-founders.

Loan parameters

The money is given in rubles on the basis of the following parameters:

  • The amount of 1-50 million rubles;
  • Term of granting - time of action of the contract + month;
  • Payment rules are set individually;
  • The rate is from 14% per year.

Loan for the performance of state contracts is considered an effective tool. If you use it correctly, it will help to increase profits, and also to facilitate the winnings in the following tenders. If a loan is granted for the execution of a state contract without collateral, then additional conditions may apply.

Features of this type of loan

Usually, OAEF winners need funds to fulfill their contractual obligations. Spending can be thousands and millions of rubles. Therefore, it is necessary to first calculate which method of securing and fulfilling obligations will be chosen.

If the conditions of the document are not met, fines are imposed, which adversely affects the development of the company. It is important to fulfill all obligations on time and in accordance with the rules.

List of documents

To use the loan, you need to prepare:

  • Constituent documentation;
  • Financial statements for the year;
  • Management financial reporting;
  • Certificates from the tax;
  • Information about the pledge;
  • Data on the performance of such obligations;
  • Documents with counterparties;
  • Other important documentation.

Only when this list of documents is provided will an application for a loan for the execution of a state contract be considered. Sberbank offers to take advantage of a profitable offer. The rate is from 11.8%, and the maximum amount is 600 million rubles. The loan period is 36 months.

Many Russian banks offer to issue a loan for the execution of the state contract. VTB 24 prepares profitable loans for long terms and large amounts.

Checking the borrower

Sometimes an exit check is required for the workplace of the person who applied. The analysis of credit history, financial possibilities is necessarily carried out. Only then is a decision made whether it is worth giving the borrower funds.

Usually, money is given on a general basis, when you need to provide a deposit, specify the purpose. If you make out a loan for the performance of state contracts, then the property rights of the document are put forward as collateral.


The procedure for concluding a contract is similar to the standard procedure. Registration will allow to participate in the state order, if there are no large sums of money. The issuance of funds will help carry out many plans.

The company, which has 1 million rubles, can execute the transaction with the state customer in the amount of tens of millions, if the entire audit is completed. Do this before you get a loan.

Execution of obligations

With the borrower, the bank can enter into a non-revolving credit line agreement. On it, the funds paid to the settlement account can be used to execute the contract. The borrower pays interest, as well as commission for the issuance of funds.

The banks offer insurance services to ensure the safety of property, health, credit. It is desirable to use this service. The loan received will be an excellent help to implement the company's plans.

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