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Game "FIFA 16": reviews, description, requirements

Many people do not understand why EA every year releases the same game, adding to the digital value in the name of the next unit. However, it is better not to consider the statements of such people as criticism, because the very fact of such a statement already says that the person has never really played one of the simulators. After all, one of the unique talents of EA is the ability to invent something new every time, completely redesign the game process so that it differs from the previous part. And if you want to play on the same principles that you used in FIFA 15, in the new part of the series, then you will not have a chance of winning. The fact is that now the speed in the game fell, much more importance was given to defensive actions, and most importantly - the tactical organization of the attack on the field, accurate passes and complex combinations - that's what FIFA 16 looks like now.

Reviews of gamers play a very important role in shaping the idea of each project. Therefore, in this review, there will also be references to what the players have noted about certain aspects of the game "FIFA 16". Reviews - what people say, actually tested the game from the point of view of a novice or an experienced gamer.

Minimum system requirements

Of course, it's worth starting, on what computers will a new project from EA. Even if you do not plan to tweak all the settings to the maximum, you still have to make sure that the computer has the Windows 7 operating system installed at least - older versions can cause compatibility problems. Moreover, 32-bit systems are also not suitable for starting the game, so do not forget that you need a 64-bit system.

As for the configuration of the computer itself, you will need a processor with at least two cores, each of which will have a performance of 3.1 GHz. It would seem that not so much for such a new game, but you will also need four gigabytes of RAM and one gigabyte of video memory. And as for free disk space, it needs at least 15 gigabytes.

In principle, the requirements are not so terrible, as one might expect from the FIFA 16 project (the release date of the game is September 22, 2015, which is quite recently). However, before you rejoice, you should take a look at the recommended system requirements, because it is on them to rely, if you want to see a beautiful game.

Recommended System Requirements

As already mentioned above, in the case of "FIFA 16" the release date was fixed for September 22, and the promises were kept - the project appeared on the shelves exactly that day. But the system requirements were known in advance so that gamers could prepare for what awaits them. And still there were a lot of people surprised at how much resource the game "FIFA 16" consumes - reviews of gamers that for this game the requirements are too high, it was possible to meet everywhere. Well, in fact, the new project is really impressive both visually and technically, so in reality the requirements are fully justified. After all, you need a quad-core processor with a frequency of 3.4 gigahertz, eight gigabytes of RAM and at least two gigabytes of video memory, but it is recommended to have four if you plan to run a game with ultra-tuning.


What can tell about the game "FIFA 16" reviews of gamers? As you could already understand, the gameplay significantly reduced the speed - in the previous part of the series you could rely absolutely exclusively on the speed of the players in all situations. Fast defenders managed to hit the ball, fast forwards left slow defenders behind them a few meters in a straight fight. Now the game was returned to the balance, the speed decreased, and now "FIFA" as close to realism in the history. Now you need to count all aspects - not only speed, but also the quality of the pass, the ability to hold the ball and so on. You can start the attack from the depth of the field, gradually encircling the opponent's penalty, but this does not stop him from catching you on a counterattack and running off to a rendezvous with the goalkeeper. "FIFA 16" on the PC left only the most pleasant impressions, in fact, as on other platforms.

Attention to details

"FIFA 16" on PCs and other platforms has changed not only with what was described above - these are only those innovations that are visible to the naked eye and lie on the surface. But in fact, everything is much more interesting, because in the game there have been many more changes that you open with time. For example, now the actions of the player can be much more diverse in the attack, and in its organization, and even in defense. The defender can go up from the lawn in accelerated mode, if not strongly retracted, remove his foot in order to avoid a foul, and sharply turn in the other direction, which defenders did not know in previous versions. But what is most pleasing is the improved artificial intelligence of defense both in your team and in the opponent.

Your defenders were generally famous for their love of losing their position, they loved to scatter in different directions, so that the attacking opponent could calmly shoot the goalkeeper. Now they act much smarter - pressing, stepping back when necessary, acting in a safety net and so on. Thus, players have become much smarter to act, and to beat them has become much more difficult, so you have to think through each of their attacks. This could already be seen when only the "FIFA 16" demo version appeared on the network. But the final development was much better.

Career mode

Gamers just could not wait for the moment when FIFA 16 will be published. The demo pampered the players with pleasant impressions, but they expected much more from the final release - and waited. For example, you get an absolutely new career. It features such interesting innovations as pre-season training, a training process in which you are directly involved, and so on. However, the likelihood that once again single games will be devoid of balance - you will disappear into the abyss between two levels of complexity, one of which will "destroy" the world leaders with a double-digit score, and on the other - lose in the same way teams from the last places of the table . This affected all the previous parts, and it is unlikely that it will not suffer "FIFA 16". The full version of the game, however, leaves a pleasant impression.

New mode

"FIFA 16" is a game that continued the development of the sensational Ultimate Team mode, where you need to collect a team, not forgetting about the teamwork of the players. The new mode represents all the same Ultimate Team, but only in the random version, that is, before the match randomly selected players for your team, and you need to decide for yourself what to do with them. It's so simple, but at the same time so incredibly and attractively that there is no doubt: this mode will become a new masterpiece.

Women's football

Well, we can not fail to mention that made a sensation in the press, - women's football, which appeared in the new version of the game. True, this segment was very small - 12 teams, one tournament and the opportunity to play friendly matches. But it pleases that in the women's football physics of players has been changed, which act not like men.

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