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Functions of political science and its methods.

The main functions of political science, like any science, are solutions to the problems that arise before it. Studying the methods and functions of political science, one can understand the importance of this science in modern social life.

The most important of the functions of political science can be called cognitive (it is also called epistemological). It provides both basic scientific research and those that are conducted empirically and provide a specific baggage of facts, the study of which leads to correct conclusions about the real situation. From this function, one can also select a descriptive one, which is intended to give scientists political scientists the answer to the question of what is the political reality.

The next function of political science, which follows from the previous one, is an explanatory, or, as it is also called, function of the rationalization of public life. In fact, it makes the conditions and laws of the flow of political processes more clear and accessible to the understanding of ordinary citizens.

Heuristic function helps to find the truth among the tangled coil of facts and conjectures that have developed around a particular political situation. Political science does not welcome the bare scientific knowledge of facts, it is more concerned with searching for truth and rational grain in all the processes that it studies.

Considering the functions of political science, it should be noted that, in addition to the above descriptive, it also has a number of other functions related to the analysis and explanation of processes in political life. So, some functions of political science provide an assessment of political events, figures, institutions. One of them is normative. Political science, revealing the laws of political development, provides clear information that is needed to effectively manage social processes and not break away from real life. Hence smoothly follows the management function. It is expressed in the fact that applied political science studies the development of practical advice and recommendations on improving the effectiveness of political processes and events management.

It should also be particularly emphasized on such a function of political science as prognostic. Based on the knowledge of the law The development of policy phenomena, political science always puts forward hypotheses, theories, and then tests in practice their truthfulness. This function is necessary so that political scientists can clearly answer the question, how the political situation will develop and what concrete result will be achieved in the current political conditions. These forecasts are carried out taking into account the factual data, the method of analyzing historical experience and the current real situation. With this function, instrumental (applied, organizational) is inextricably linked. Thanks to it, political scientists can answer the question, "what needs to be done to get the right political result". This is the development of technologies, instructions that political actors need to bring their planned strategy to life.

Do not also underestimate the educational function of political science (it is also called worldview). In fulfilling this function, political science forms the necessary public political ideals, customs, and culture.

Modern politics is not only a science with clear rules and rules. This, in its way, is a very subtle art that requires serious knowledge in applied psychology, sociology, history and other sciences and just the appropriate abilities and skills. The functions of political science help to better understand the subject and make fewer mistakes in politics.

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