Correct landing at the wheel

Proper driving is very important for every driver. Firstly, it significantly increases the level of safety, and secondly, it allows the driver to keep working.

Of course, the correct position will not save you from traffic accidents, but thanks to him the driver will be prepared for emergency situations, and, perhaps, avoid an emergency situation. After all, it is from several precious seconds that a person's life depends.

The physical condition of the driver is primarily affected by the correct landing, because it depends on the length of his stay behind the wheel. From the wrong position, blood circulation is disturbed, muscles become numb, the spine warps, compression of internal organs occurs, and painful sensations appear because of this.

The driving process is very tedious, requiring increased attention. The driver is in constant tension, and from this body quickly gets tired. Therefore, a proper landing behind the wheel should provide him with maximum comfort. If possible, you need to provide your body at least a small rest in the intervals of movement, or do a little workout, as circumstances permit.

Great importance for a comfortable position in the car has a seat. Recently, new models have been developed that make it possible to feel comfortable with the driver of any build and growth. Many novice drivers, sitting behind the wheel, immediately take the wrong posture and subsequently involuntarily get used to it. Therefore, the correct landing behind the wheel - a pledge of comfort and ease in driving.

It is very important to contact the back of a person with the back of the seat. In an extreme situation, an inexperienced driver leans forward and tears his back from him by inertia. This natural reaction, caused by muscle tension and the desire to shrink into a ball, it is very difficult to overcome. However, it is necessary to learn how to control yourself and correct mistakes noticed while driving a car in time.

It should be noted that the use by many drivers of various covers on the back of the seat, as well as massage mats, litter and linings has a negative effect on the correct fit, as well as on the contact of the back and seat. The back of the driver's seat must fully touch the driver's shoulder blades and waist. You can not use the steering wheel as a support.

Correct landing at the wheel depends on observance of all these simple conditions. To all these rules it is necessary to include the ability to keep the steering wheel of the car. From this directly depends the efficiency of the driver in extreme situations. In the management of it, no unnecessary movements are permissible, otherwise it can cost lives.

Thumbs need to wrap around the steering wheel so that they are inside it, and the main grip should be on the ring fingers and little fingers. The rest of the fingers at this time are relaxed, but at any moment they can strengthen the grip of the steering wheel. Do not over-stretch your hands, and the wrong position of the hands can adversely affect blood circulation. If the brushes are located above the elbows, it will lead to rapid fatigue.

Convenience of driving also depends on the correctly exposed headrest. It should be raised to the nape of the neck and as close to the head as possible. However, you should not rest on it while driving. The main purpose of the head restraint is to protect the neck from a fracture in the event of an accident.

In order for the landing behind the wheel to be correct, it is necessary to achieve stability of the body position, its weight should be distributed on the back of the seat and on the pillow.

It is necessary to constantly control your landing, and very quickly the habit of taking the right position will be developed easily, and this will greatly facilitate the driving of the car.

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