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Stroller Taco. Difficulties in choosing

The question of buying a baby carriage is in front of each parent. What to look for when buying? At the entrance to the children's store, the eyes of young parents run up. So many options, bundles and features! What to focus on?

First of all, you need to decide on the need for bags for a newborn. It is not always necessary. If the child was born in winter, it is assumed that he will walk on the balcony, and to travel to the clinic on Papa's machine, the bag may not be needed at all. Many firms offer both stroller-cradles and deep leisure strollers. For example, the Taco stroller is represented by both models. At the same time, the cradle costs a lot, and as a result, the price of the transformer is about one and a half times that of a stroller.

The second thing you need to pay attention to is the wheels. Perhaps, on smooth European roads and you can ride on small wheels, but residents of Russian courts want to recommend buying large ones. Taco stroller is with large, and with small wheels, so there is plenty to choose from.

Now on the market there are both four-wheeled carriages, and three-wheeled. Each model has its own characteristics. The four-wheeled stroller is very stable, comfortable, but not too manoeuvrable. If the Taco stroller is on four wheels, it can be operated with one hand. This can be useful if, for example, the second hand is held by an older child or you carry a bag.

If the Taco baby carriage is three-wheeled, then when you climb a step with one hand you can not hold the balance. On the other hand, if you need to pass along a narrow bridge, the four-wheeled carriage will not fit, and a three-wheeled vehicle on one of its front wheels can easily pass. This is called "more maneuverable".

What details of the baby stroller should still attract attention?

Very useful is a roomy luggage compartment. Even if you do not need the Taco stroller at all to carry food from the store, the day will come when your son wants to take his truck for a walk. This is the purpose of the luggage basket.

The color of the stroller matters. The blue plating very quickly burns out. You will not have time to raise a child even up to a year, and the color of the visor will be significantly different from anything else. The pink "coach for the princess" is also not very practical. First of all, she is branding. The pink stroller will look good only in perfectly clean and well-groomed condition, so be prepared to constantly wash it. The optimal color for the stroller is green, brown with patterns.

And, finally, to get a stroller-transformer? Not always the part that is supposed to be sedentary is convenient in this capacity. The stroller-transformer Tako can become sedentary literally in a few seconds. However, all the same very few people do without buying a stroller.

Choosing a baby stroller is not only a pleasant, but also a responsible business. Its convenience will personally determine for you your opportunities for the next few years.

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