Hotel Simantro Beach Hotel 4 * (Greece / Chalkidiki): overview, description, rooms and reviews

The building of the hotel complex Simantro Beach Hotel stands out among all other hotels. It looks very attractive. Largely due to its unusual architecture. After all, the image clearly traces elements of the Byzantine style. However, the appearance is not the only feature of this hotel.

About hotel

Simantro Beach Hotel is built in the same style, in which the famous monasteries of the holy Mount Athos were erected. In the process of creating the complex, stone and wood were used, which further distinguishes the hotel from other hotels. By the way, it was built in 1992. A complete restoration was carried out in 2000.

The hotel is located in the north-western part of the peninsula, known as Kassandra. It occupies most of the territory of Halkidiki. Cassandra stretched for 50 kilometers along. If you believe the legends, it was this peninsula that was considered the land of the giants.

From the hotel to the beach you can walk in just 1-2 minutes. But this is not the only nuance of its location. The complex is located 65 kilometers from the international airport. To the city called Thessaloniki from here to go a little more than an hour (it is 75 km).

By the way, the hotel itself is 15 different buildings. It occupies a large territory, so it will not be possible to notice it.

Services and Services

Simantro Beach Hotel has everything that only guests can need. There is wireless free internet, a private car park, an ATM with currency exchange (right in the building of the complex), as well as a storage room and a tour desk. By the way, guests are offered lockers and individual check-in (by appointment).

If people come to rest with their children, they can call a nanny. Specialists, looking after children, the hotel is also there. And laundry, ironing and dry cleaning. The hotel even has an office where you can receive / send a fax, a business center and a large spacious conference room.

In addition to the above, there are shops, car rental, and the organization of delivery of drinks and food to the apartments. Guests should be aware that they have the right to ask them to provide them with soundproofed or family rooms.

As for the staff, well-trained professionals work here. People who are employees of the hotel own four languages. In addition to Greek and English, still German and Russian. The latter is especially liked by our compatriots who want to rest here.


Resting in the Simantro Beach Hotel, you can have a lot of fun. The most popular way here is, of course, the sea. It is here in the immediate vicinity. Strictly speaking, many people go here for the sake of the beach, sunbathing and sea baths.

However, on site you can have fun. There are swimming pools (two open and one indoor, heated), a sun terrace, and a barbecue. Fans of physical activity will like the gym, in which there is a large number of different simulators.

And here there is a SPA-center, in which you can devote time to health and beauty treatments. Massage, pedicure and manicure, aroma and hydrotherapy, sauna - all this is available at the local spa owned by the hotel.

Guests can also dive, tennis and various water sports. Even the children their parents took with them on a trip will not be bored here. There are two separate small pools and a playground for them.

Bars and Restaurants

Many people, before they decide on a certain hotel, are interested in how they feed. Simantro Beach Hotel 4 * has three restaurants and the same number of bars. Naos is a place decorated in an unusual style of the monastery's refectory. There you can taste dishes of both national and international cuisine. By the way, there is also a vegetarian menu. This restaurant is open every day from 7am. Closes after nine in the evening, after dinner.

Also in Simantro Beach Hotel 4 * there is a restaurant called Troulos. People can drink out there from 20:30 until midnight. And there is also a possibility to visit the restaurant The Olympos Beach Taverna. In this restaurant, guests are treated to traditional Greek dishes, as well as fish and light snacks. It is open from noon until 18:00.

Fans of soft drinks, ice cream, snacks and coffee will like the bar Maistrali Beach Bar. It is open every day, and you can find it on the beach. Next to the pool, by the way, there is also a bar. And in the hall of the main building there is a restaurant of the Macedonian with a huge selection of alcohol and not only. It is open until half past two in the morning.

As assured by people who stayed at the Club Hotel Simantro Beach, the food in all these places is very tasty and quality. All in all: meat, fish, poultry, baked goods, ice cream, as well as vegetables and various fruits (nectarines, peaches, oranges, dates, watermelons, melons, apples, pears and much more). Serves and quite good soups, mashed potatoes. Usually vegetable and tomato. And breakfasts are also varied - you can taste yoghurts, scrambled eggs, sausages, cookies with cupcakes, sausage, cheese and much more.

Even a children's menu is available. And for babies it is also diverse - 10 kinds of all kinds of puree. In general, no one will remain hungry, deciding to settle in this hotel.

Accommodation options

And now it is worth to talk in more detail about the rooms that are offered to potential guests. It starts with standard apartments. Their area is 28 square meters. M. These rooms have a double bed and one standard. Maximum capacity, of course, 3 guests.

In addition to beds in a stylishly decorated room, there is a refrigerator, air conditioning, satellite TV and a spacious balcony. And the bathroom is also available - with a toilet and free of charge hygienic supplies. Such necessary trifles as a hair dryer, telephone, safe and the possibility of heating connection, is also there.

For two people a week stay in such apartments will cost about 55 000 rubles (breakfast is included in the price). If you take the service "all inclusive", then you have to pay about 80 000 rubles.

It is planned that the guests will be 3? Then for 7 nights (+ breakfast) you will need to pay 75 thousand rubles. With the service "all inclusive" apartments will cost 112 thousand rubles. As many guests say, it is better to order it. In any case, it will be more profitable.

It should also be noted that this room can be booked by one person. Only he will have to pay about 35,000 rubles for a one-week stay with the all-inclusive service.

For families

In Simantro Beach Hotel 4 * (Chalkidiki) there are apartments for people who decide to bring their children along with them. Family apartments are suitable for 2 adults and 2 children. To be more precise, the age of children should not exceed 12 years.

The apartments have an area of 30 square meters. There is a double and a standard bed inside. The conditions are the same as those described above. Only the room is decorated in a different style. Week of residence in it will cost about 65 thousand rubles. This is taken with breakfast. "All inclusive" will increase the price to 100 thousand rubles.

It is worth noting that in Simantro Beach Hotel 5 * (Greece) there is also a family suite. Its area is 58 square meters. Inside there are two single beds and one large, for two. This apartment can accommodate 2 adults and 2 teenagers under the age of 15 years. From the balconies of these apartments you can enjoy a beautiful view of the mountains. About 110 000 rubles will have to pay for a week (with breakfast). If you want to take the service "all inclusive", you need to prepare an additional 35 thousand rubles.

By the way, apartments with a view of the sea are more expensive. For them you need to pay about 10 thousand rubles. A week more.


Apartments of this category are also available in the Simantro Beach Hotel 5 *. Greece, Halkidiki, Kassandra - this is a resort, on which you need to rest in full. Therefore, many decide not to deny themselves anything. And book it luxury.

The area of such apartments is 58 square meters. The maximum capacity is 3 adults. Inside there is one large double bed and one sofa bed. In addition to the bedroom, there is a seating area. And of course, all that is available for the numbers of the previously mentioned categories. About 150 000 rubles will cost a week stay of three people with the "all inclusive" service. For two, the price will be about 115 thousand rubles.

But the apartments with a view of the mountains will cost more. About 165 thousand rubles. - for three people, and 125 thousand rubles. - for two.

And there are rooms for four adults. This apartment has one double bed and two single beds. For them, the price of a week's stay will be 175 thousand rubles. With the "all inclusive" service. It comes out approximately 6250 rubles per day per person. That, in principle, is an acceptable price for a Greek hotel of this level.

By the way, some apartments have a hydromassage bath (instead of the usual one). But rooms with a jacuzzi are more expensive. The price is worth clarifying.

About accommodation

Check-in at the Simantro Beach Hotel (Greece) starts at 14:00, as in many other hotels, and the departure lasts until noon. In this hotel you can live with children of any age. If their age does not exceed 11 years, an extra bed will be placed in the room. And it will be completely free, as well as the living of the child.

If he is under 2 years old, then a cradle or a cot will be put in the apartment. Only all this is possible, when lodgers in advance warn the administration of their desires. It's good, if they succeeded in clarifying everything in advance, even in the process of processing the reservation request. By the way, you will need to provide your credit card details. The hotel complex accepts "American Express", and even "Visa" and "Master Card". On the account of the card, a certain amount can be blocked later, this is a guarantee that the travelers really decided to come, and do not book a room, as they say, just in case.

By the way, to create an application better in advance, a few months before the planned arrival. Simantro Beach Hotel 5 * is very popular. And that's why it's almost never empty. By the beginning of the season, most of the dates have already been booked. Therefore, if you want to be in time, you should puzzle the reservation process in advance.

Guests about the hotel stay

A lot of good comments received Simantro Beach Hotel. Club Elephant Simantro Beach is, by the way, the second name under which this hotel is known. And about the rest, held here, the tourists respond well.

One of the main advantages that they pay attention to is nature. It is ideal here - a sandy beach, clean sea, coniferous forest. You can enjoy this around the clock. The main thing - do not forget to take the cream from sunburn, as the sun is very hot here. Although a tan can be purchased at the hotel. Fortunately there is such an opportunity.

On the beach there are catamarans and various inflatable attractions. And still there work Russian animators, which can not but rejoice.

By the way, this hotel allows pets. Only one nuance - their weight should not exceed 5 kilograms. These are the rules. It turns out that this is in the hands of only those people who have a small dog that can not be left with anyone at home, or a cat.

As already mentioned above, the hotel has a shop. And there's literally everything that can come in handy. Starting with such small things as water, alcohol and chips, ending with children's dishes, diapers and napkins. And of course, souvenirs. Many people buy them here, because they do not really want to go to the heat somewhere, to look for gifts.

But in general, staying in these places, it is necessary to go somewhere. The sea is not the only landmark here. Tourists are advised to visit the picturesque village of Afitos. You can drive in about an hour. It is a Greek village in which the historical identity, paved narrow streets, old stone houses, temples and fountains were preserved. There you can buy a lot of souvenirs - ceramics, olive oil, honey. And how to get there, you can find out from the Russian-speaking staff of the hotel. Everyone in the hotel is very friendly and friendly, always happy to help.

About service

Finally, and this is worth saying a couple of words, discussing the holiday in Simantro Beach Hotel 5 *. Reviews the hotel receives mostly positive. In many respects it is due to the worthy quality of service. The maids clean the rooms on conscience, qualitatively, and not superficially. In restaurants and bars, utensils are always perfectly clean, and the appliances are prepared in advance - they lie on tables, neatly wrapped in napkins. If something does not suit or something is not there, then you can call the waiter who will solve the problem.

Pleases that in bars and restaurants they speak Russian and understand lodgers. The main thing is to speak articulately. Bartenders know a lot of cocktails, if you want something special, you can ask. All in these institutions do their job well.

Cooks are also very tasty and varied. Many people think that there is not enough something in the menu, or you want more originality. Therefore, it should be noted right away that restaurants in the hotel are not for those individuals who are accustomed to order dishes in institutions marked by the highest culinary awards.

In general, this hotel is perfect for people who want to enjoy the sea, the sun and fresh air. This is the Simantro Beach Hotel. The feedback of people who have been here is a direct confirmation of this. It's not for nothing that many people come back here again to experience all the impressions on their own.

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